IPC Risk Assessments / Reviews

HICMR Consultants conduct Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Risk Assessments (RAs) / Reviews in all relevant specialty areas of a healthcare facility (HCF) using the unique web-based HICMR Assessment and Reporting Program (HARP) to measure compliance with relevant current state, national and international standards, guidelines and Policies, including the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS). The RA Program is based on AS/NZS ISO 31000: Risk management – Principles and Guidelines, and the RA Tools are developed and revised according to HICMR Policies and best practice, utilising relevant current standards and guidelines.

HICMR have a broad range of evidence based automated HCF wide RA Tools to assess client compliance. RA Reports, Main Risks Summaries and Action Plans are available for internal client use, to assist with monitoring relevant follow-up action.

The use of the evidence-based RA Tools enables HICMR to provide a comprehensive IPC Risk Management Program. In addition, the results of these assessments can be used to 'benchmark' standards of practice between individual departments within a HCF, or across an entire organisation.